Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy DSD! Yay!

So much to tell you about I dont know where to start! First of all my kiddos went trick or treating last night at our church Trunk or Treat and had a blast! And Oh ya today is DSD! Im so excited because I have been busting my tush trying to get a bunch of goodies together for you all!

So first of all lets talk sales... There are sales going on in all of my stores!


:: Digital Candy ::

And Im hosting the November Desktop Challenge at Digital Candy

And here is my bright and sunny desktop...

And last but not least there is a huge sale at SOTB

And I am hosting the It's a Date challenge over at SOTB

And you can grab this cute little freebie for posting!

So now lets get to my goodies for this past two weeks... I have a bunch to show you!

First of all, we have a little monkey business to handle!

And I have a few misc. items too...

We all know what the hottest new trend is... Worn and Torn papers! Well I have fabulous pack of UsedNAbused Colored Canvas...

And I also have the plain paper pack...

And how about a little glitter paper pack...

I also did a cute little collection for your furbabies...

I think that about covers it all... Ill be back later with some ghoulish pics of my kiddos from last night! Ya'll have a good day and gets lots of shopping done! There are some fabulous sales out there!