Friday, July 31, 2009

CU BUY ALL Special

Commercial Use Buy All

Limited Time Offer
3 Days ONLY
July 31st- Aug 2nd

$200+ Value
All CU Stock
Actions, Styles, Brushes, And Doodles

26 Separate Products

Actions: Ribbons Actions, Ribbon Tie Action, Folded N Stapled Action, Knotted Ribbon Action,
Measure It Up! Action, Ribbon Greenery Action, Summer Buzz, Summer Buzz 2, Glitters Action

Styles: Fab-a-lastics, Amateur Artist Paints V.2, Corduroy Up'

Brushes: Halftoned Brushes, Watercolor Splats, Watercolor Illustrator Brushes, Celestial Sparkles

Doodles: Doodled Frames and Such, Signs of Spring, Hand Drawn Flowers, Barnyard Ruckus Doodles, Lovebug Doodles, Material Girl Doodles, Spring Chick Doodles

Quality Control: DIY Quality Control Action

Check it out HERE

I also have a new Collab coming out tomorrow! And Im so excited about this Collab because it's Uber Purty! So stay Tuned for tomorrow!