Thursday, April 27, 2006

Possibly.... A New Love!!

So updating is not always my favorite thing to do! I love to talk as most of ya'll know already, but as far as telling everyone as a whole what is going on.... I am not good at that!!! LOL

I want everyone to know that my new found creativity is just busting out of me!! Blame it on all the self-esteem I have lately!!! DID is still down :(!! I am so sad! Wendy is working her rear off to get it back up and going again! Give her Lots hugs and kisses, cuz she needs them right now!

As far as life goes, I hope everyone is enjoy the great weather we are having all across the nation!

I know its cold in Cali.... but it is not warm here in Texas either! It's just right!

So I have a funny story to tell ya'll! Don't laugh yet because u will be busting a gut before I am done!

My Lovely 10 month old, Xander, has discovered the toilet! Let me tell u that my biggest fear is that he is going to fall head first into the darn thing and drown! But leave it to Xander to do something that made me die laughing! I was getting reading for work the other morning and I got Xander ready and let him run around whle I finished making his bottles and packed his bag for daycare! When I hear a huge "giggle"! I was like what was that??? I went into the bathroom only to find that Xander was giving Snoopy a "Whirley Bird"! He was dipping Snoopy in the toilet and flushing it! He is 10 months OLD!!! How or should say who did he learn that from??? I was like Xander, we dont play in the toilet!! And Snoopy dont need a bath!!! He was quite upset with the fact that I told him Snoopy didnt need a bath! His bottom lip curled up and the tears started to roll! I wish at this point I had batteries in my cam because I wanted to get a picture of this!! But alas, I was running late for work (as always) and I didnt have time to get my cam! I know we shouldnt laugh when our children do something that is not appropriate but this had me rolling on the floor! LOL

So why did we really come here today?? To listen to my silly adventures with raising my little imp???? Nah!!!!

We want to see the schtuff....

Watermelon Crush!!!! ooooo......ahhhhhhh!! Ok enough drooling!!!!

Thats it for me!!!


shawnyrvr said...

Wow!!! Danielle...

You are really on a Creative roll! I love the latest 3 kits... They are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad your confidence is back and you're taking on the world. Bravo!

That is absolutely too funny about Xander... So is Snoopy a cat or a dog... or is it a stuffed animal? My curiosity has the best of me, lol.

Have a Great Day!

dAnIeLLe said...

Oh I guess I should have mentioned that no animals were hurt during the "Whirley Bird" incident! Snoopy is a stuffed animal!! LOL

Lisa said...

Hehehehe, I remember the time I put my little son in time out and placed him in the bathroom. I heard the giggles coming from the bathroom and opeded the door to find that he'd dumped my purse in the toilet and was doing the swirly thing!

Love the colors and patterns on this one (especially the tulips) LOL I'm so thrilled that you're back! And, girl, you are really back. Talk about hitting home runs with these kits.