Saturday, July 05, 2008

Star Studded Designs goes Tagger size!

So I have decided to go tagger size as an extra option to broaden my customer base! You can now purchase my kits in tagger size HERE. Go check it out! I am still putting my products up and well converting them takes some time but its getting there.

hmmm... well I am now a SAHM which is working well for us so far! I am glad I decided to resign from my job because after my recent occupational injury, things at work were just not the same! It seems when you get hurt and you are on restricted duty, people tend to shun you! Is this fair? Well life isnt fair but you didnt ask to get hurt! At least I didnt! But God works in mysterious ways! And he knew that I was miserable in the awful job! So kudos to God!

Xander is doing better. He apparently was cutting a molar! Now I have 2 kids and I dont think that my oldest ever threw up when he was cutting a tooth but Xander said several times that his tooth hurt! He doesnt have any cavities so it has to be that he is cutting a tooth! That explains the fever but not the vomiting!

I have a huge to do list and some upcoming exciting news! I am working a pair of kits again. A set for the lil ones! Maybe tomorrow Ill put up a peek, if I every get done with all the resizing and preview making I have to do!

Yep it a long list and that doesnt include housework!

Well it is late or should I say early! LOL it's 5 AM and I still not in bed! Oh this isnt good! Alright ya'll gotta go!

<3 Danielle


Wendy said...

Wow you sound very busy!! Welcome to the world of SAHM ;) I tried WOTH for about nine months, and during that time I faced the "looks" of having to be out due to injury, and being called to pick up my kids from school twice due to illness. It kills me how people can be to petty and judgemental! PTL you have peace this is the Lord's will for you :)